Tuesday, June 21, 2016

How I Started My Gym Days

I've started doing gym since a long time ago. At the time I was really weak, and I was also really fat. A result of fastfood and a long time sitting around playing games all days. I couldn't run, nor could i do anything that required strength. I was hopeless.
how i stared my gym days

And then, a friend of mine, who was also really fat like me before, but when I met him again after a few months, he was like a different person. His body, though still a bit fat but there were muscles, and the whole body looked better builted than before. I asked him how did he get changed so fast, and he told me he went to the gym daily. Then he tell me the benefits of going to the gym to work out, and convince me to go and try taking 1 course of training with him. I thought, there's nothing to lose anyway so I agreed and went to the gym with him. At first I was so amazed of the sight: there's people with well built body everywhere in the room, everyone was working so hard and sweating a lot, it was the first time i see so much people working so hard in 1 room. Then my friend told me to warm up with a few light excercises, then try to do a few squat. I couldn't do it at the time. Then he tell me to see a gym trainer, and the trainner lead me to every kind of workout in that room, and then tell me to go home and come back the following day. So I went home, and wake up in the next morning with my whole body in pain. Every muscle in my body hurt so bad that i could barely move, so i had to take that day off of the gym. But the day after that, when I worked out again, my body got used to working and so the pain was better, not that bad like the first day. So i set my goal, and work out at the gym every single day since then.
Now, my body is so well built that it makes me so proud. There were pain, blood, sweat and tears but it was worth to have the body i have now.

Monday, June 13, 2016

How I Get To Know Knee Sleeves

I have been playing basketball for about 10 years now, since I've started highschool. To me it's not only a hobby, but it's also my passion. This is the only sport I'm interested in. I always feel like a i can really be myself only when play basketball and nothing else. 
best knee sleeves for basketball

 That's how much I like basketball. I really can't stand a day not playing ball. I was planning on going pro and join a team. But something got on my nerve. I, with my own eyes, saw one of my teamates got injured on the knee. It's really bad, and he had to take a surgery. However that couldn't completely heal it. HIs injury is still too big for him to ever run again, and so his ball playing days are over just like that. Now I still sometime see him looking at us playing, and then just silencely leave the course. The way he leave is just so sad, and it makes me think, what if my days are over like his too. I was so affraid, i go on the internet and search for a way to improve knee injuries as well as preventing them. And after a trying a few ways, which didn't help much, I finally found a way that really suited me and my teamate,its' knee sleeves. I went and found the best knee sleeves for basketball. It's funny that i hadn't knew about them until then. So i told that teamate about those, and after sometime trying those, he said it was really effective. When using those he can move without feeling any pain, he can even run in those. And if what i read are true, then using it also help preventing knee injuries. So I'm also using it to never get hurt. Preventing is always better than healing it. 

Knee sleeves for basketball

 Now with the help of these knee sleeves, I can play basketball with my old teamate again without any worry about getting injured

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Saturday, June 11, 2016

There is No Trick in Fitness

there is no trick in fitness

"To have a fit body, you must work out and train yourself as hard as you can. There is no trick, no shortcut. Fitness can't be obtain by any easy way."

Those are the words that i was told when i asked my gym trainer if there was any easy way to have a well-built body. And after a long time following a strict schedule of training and working out, i find those words really are true.

I have been doing crossfit for a long time. All the kind of work out together, and I'm really proud of how well-built my body is. And it's really worth the work. I've seen people who do surgery to get nice body. Those really are the worst kind of body you can get. It may be nice at first but overtime the chemical in your body can never hold the shape like the beginning, and it is also very toxic to the body, it may even cause death. That's why there is no shortcut to finess. It can only help you look good at first. Real training get that body to stay forever. Howerver, training is not easy, and it comes with a huge risk of getting injured. Especially when you do crossfit it will really get a lot of pressure on the knee and make the knee vulnerable. To help prevent knee injury, i've found the best knee sleeves for crossfit and have been using those for a long time now. These things are really durable, and worth every cent. Since I first use it, my knees really never feel any pressure when training, and it don't cause me any discomfort during my training sessions.I really like these knee sleeves.

So with the help of these knee sleeves, you can also archive fitness like i did, and remember, there is no trick in fitness.
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